Who We Are

We are a diverse group of professionals in a range of disciplines. This translates into opportunities for our customers to focus on the daily tasks at hand, while our team of consultants work together with a vast amount of experience and knowledge to solve problems and develop innovative solutions for the business needs. Glade Consulting LLC is located in Austin Texas.

Experience and Knowledge

Our consultants have Fortune 100 Company experience which includes Total Quality Management practices. We are able to decrease costs, improving the quality of work and service by working efficiently, collaborating with experts in the field to meet the needs of an organization, and by delivering effective, long-term solutions.

Research and Data Analysis

Extensive research and analysis are done in support of projects to achieve data-driven results and conclusions, making recommendations for improvements. Our team understands the need for thorough, logical approaches to solving problems. Issues are mapped out to determine root cause so solutions can be developed. Data-mining approaches and statistical analysis techniques can be utilized in support of solutions.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services which include auditing, failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), risk analysis, statistical data analysis, data-mining, grant-writing, graphic design, process integration, public policy reports, energy management and efficiency, marketing, research, semiconductor experience, six sigma training, technical reports, technical services, training, wafer processing, video editing and motion graphics . Please contact us with these or related questions.

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